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Youth Ministry

Chadron UMC Youth Ministry: Nurturing Faith, Fellowship, and Community Every Wednesday Afternoon at 6:00 PM – Join Us!

Chadron United Methodist Church’s Youth Ministry is a vibrant and engaging community for young individuals seeking spiritual growth and fellowship. Every Wednesday afternoon during the school year, the Youth Ministry convenes at 6:00 PM in the dedicated Youth Classroom located downstairs. This dedicated space provides a welcoming environment for teens to come together, share experiences, and deepen their understanding of faith.

The focal point of their gathering is a Bible Study session that commences at 6:00 PM. Here, young participants delve into scripture, fostering a sense of connection with their faith and each other. This intentional study helps them navigate life’s challenges through the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

To further enhance the sense of community and bonding, a nourishing meal is served at 6:00 PM, creating a shared space for fellowship. This mealtime not only satisfies physical hunger but also cultivates a warm and inclusive atmosphere, reinforcing the importance of relationships within the Youth Ministry.

Beyond structured study, the Youth Ministry often organizes activities and events that promote teamwork, leadership, and service. By combining spiritual guidance, community building, and engaging activities, Chadron UMC’s Youth Ministry strives to create an environment where young individuals can thrive in their faith journey while forging lasting connections with their peers.