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Chairperson  Bobby Griese
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference Suze Jones
Lay Member Sharon Rickenbach
Recording Secretary Julie Downing
Treasurer Joyce Klemke
Auditor Fran Grimes
Financial Secretary Tim Gaswick
Finance Chair Margaret Crouse
Christian Education Chair TBD
History & Records Chair Beth Wentworth
Membership Secretary Melody Herbert
Outreach & Mission Chair Janice German
Staff/Pastor/Parish Chair Vicki Kotschwar
Board of Trustees Chair Don Foulk
Worship Team Rep. Jane Druecker
Memorials Chair Betty Martin
Congregational Care Jane Druecker
Disaster Response Vicki Kotschwar
Youth Representative Claire Ferguson
Members at Large Keith Blaylock
Members at Large Shawn Hartman
Chairperson  Don Foulk  2026 
  Rob Wahlstrom  2024 
  Glen Kotschwar  2024 
  Lavern Savage  2024 
  Clark Gardner  2025 
  Jack Isaacs  2025 
  Melody Herbert  2025 
  Sharon Davis  2025 

Chairperson  Margaret Crouse 
  Rev. ‘Tunde Oladimeji 
Administrative Council Chair  Bobby Griese 
Staff/Pastor/Parish Committee Chair  Vicki Kotschwar 
Board of Trustees Chair  Don Foulk 
Stewardship Coord.  Vacant 
Lay Leader  Sharon Rickenbach 
Financial Secretary  Tim Gaswick 
Treasurer  Joyce Klemke 
  Melody Herbert 
Chair TBD
 DeAnn Koerber 
 Bobby Griese 
 Miakayla Koerber 
 Camden Snyder
 Kimmi Smith
 Heather Barry 
Rep to Ad Council Jane Druecker
Pam Heiser
Doralie Lawson
Suze Jones
Cleo Koerber
Vicki Kotschwar
Charlene Savage
Vicki Kotschwar 
Susan Hucke 
Daniel Bowen 
Chair Dixie Connnery 
 Beth Wentworth 
Jane Druecker
Kellee Gooder
Shawn Hartman
Suze Jones
Vicki Kotschwar
Sharon Rickenbach
Highway 20 Lay Leader Vicki Kotschwar
Secretary Melody Herbert 
Chairperson Betty Martin
Suze Jones
Treasurer (Ex-Officio) Joyce Klemke
Chairperson Rev. ‘Tunde Oladimeji
Lay Leader Sharon Rickenbach
Shawn Hartman 2024
Stephanie Baumgarten 2024
Judy Hawthorne 2024
Linda Thayer 2025
Joni Roberts 2025
Bobby Griese 2026
Cleo Koerber 2026
Chairperson Janice German
Rev. ‘Tunde Oladimeji
Daniel Bowen
Joni King
Jack Isaacs
Robin Foulk
Rebecca Fernau
Pamela Yardley
ChairpersonVicki Kotschwar2026
 Merle Morford2024
 Ben Rust2024
 Beth Wentworth2024
 Cathy Kaus2025
 Jeremy Smith2025
 Linda Thayer2025
 Julie Downing2026
 Don Foulk2026
Lay LeaderSuze Jones 
Chairperson and Handbell Choir Director  Jane Druecker 
Altar Guild  Joyce Klemke 
Accompanist  Joelle Keith 
Seasonal Decoration and paraments Cleo Koerber
Vocal Choir Co-Director  Stephanie Baumgarten 
Vocal Choir Co-Director  Jack Isaacs 
Bulletin Delivery  Charlene Savage 
Lay Leader  Sharon Rickenbach 
Pastor  ‘Tunde Oladimeji