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Children Ministry

Chadron UMC Children's Ministry: Nurturing Faith, Joy, and Community – Join Us for Engaging Activities and Spiritual Growth Adventures!

Chadron United Methodist Church’s Children’s Ministry is a lively and nurturing environment dedicated to the spiritual development and joyous growth of the youngest members of the congregation. Rooted in the belief that every child is a unique expression of God’s love, the ministry provides a dynamic space for exploration, learning, and fellowship.

Sunday School, held weekly, forms the cornerstone of the Children’s Ministry. Engaging lessons, age-appropriate activities, and interactive discussions create an environment where children can understand and embrace the teachings of Jesus in a fun and accessible way. The ministry strives to instill core values such as kindness, love, and compassion through creative and age-specific programs.

Beyond Sunday School, the Children’s Ministry organizes special events, including holiday celebrations, themed camps, and family-friendly outings, fostering a sense of community among children and their families. These events aim to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds within the church community.

Dedicated and compassionate leaders guide the Children’s Ministry, ensuring a safe and supportive space for every child to flourish. By combining spiritual education, engaging activities, and a sense of belonging, Chadron UMC’s Children’s Ministry aims to lay a foundation for a lifetime of faith, love, and joy in the hearts of the youngest members of the church family.