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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Rev. Tunde Oladimeji, PhD

Rev. Dr. Tunde Oladimeji, the dedicated lead pastor of Chadron United Methodist Church, is committed to sharing Jesus with the world. His unwavering commitment and leadership inspire the congregation's spiritual growth.

Sharon Rickenbach

Sharon, the devoted lay leader at Chadron United Methodist Church, exemplifies unwavering dedication. Her leadership fosters a sense of community, encouraging spiritual growth and inclusivity among the congregation.

Jack Isaacs

Jack, our Co-Music Director and Choir Leader at Chadron UMC, infuses worship with harmony and inspiration. His passion for uplifting melodies enriches our faith community's spiritual journey.

Melody Herbert

Melody, the meticulous membership secretary at Chadron United Methodist Church, plays a crucial role in maintaining organizational order. Her attention to detail and warm demeanor contribute to a welcoming community atmosphere.

Vicki Kotschwar

Vicki, as Chair of the Staff Pastor-Parish Relations Committee at Chadron United Methodist Church, demonstrates exceptional leadership. Her commitment to fostering positive relationships within the church ensures a thriving spiritual community.

Bobby Griese

Bobby, as the Administrative Council Chair at Chadron United Methodist Church, exhibits exceptional organizational skills and leadership. His commitment ensures the smooth functioning of administrative processes, fostering a thriving church community.

Janice German

Janice plays a pivotal role at Chadron UMC as the Outreach Committee Chair and United Women in Faith Chair, leading initiatives that extend compassion and strengthen the faith community, and reaching out to people in the Chadron Community.

Margaret Crouse

Margaret, the diligent Finance Chair at Chadron United Methodist Church, exemplifies financial stewardship. Her dedication ensures responsible management, sustaining the church's mission to transform lives and communities through Christ.

Cleo Koerber

Cleo, the altar guild leader at Chadron United Methodist Church, demonstrates profound dedication. Through meticulous attention to detail, she enhances the worship experience, contributing to the spiritual ambiance of the congregation.

Stephanie Baumgarten

Stephanie leads our worship and co-directs the music at Chadron UMC. Through her musical guidance and spiritual devotion, she enhances our worship experience, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.